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Electronic permits system is changing the way communities across the nation do business, speeding the building permit process for the people most involved—builders, inspectors, and plan reviewers—and providing better and more timely information to decision-makers, managers, and staff throughout city hall.

Suncoast Permits has ensured to help communities in Tampa Bay to understand the process of selecting and implementing an electronic permits system. Benefiting from our experience in this aspect, individuals, and industries can implement electronic permitting systems with better results and at a lower cost.

We can scan building plans and archive them electronically. This affords ready access and reduces the space needed for storing paper documents and the labor involved in retrieving them. A few building departments are submitting and reviewing construction documents electronically. Because the investment in the equipment—hardware, software, and personnel training—is substantial and many applicants are not equipped to submit materials electronically, most departments are reluctant to embrace electronic submittals and reviews at this time.

What is Electronic Permit System?

Electronic permitting is a set of computer-based tools and services that automate and streamline the building permit process. The intent of electronic permitting is to reduce permitting time, improve customer service and staff efficiency, enhance quality and make operating funds more productive. An electronic permitting system typically replaces traditional paper and file-card systems. It can be as simple as a single
software tool for tracking permits and inspections or it may contain a broad array of task-specific tools for;
• plan review
• permitting
• inspections
• inspection scheduling
• project tracking
• fee calculation and collection
• workflow management
• customer communications through web-based
customer services
• telephone-based voice response services
• inter-and intra-departmental communication
and management.

 Reliable Electronic Permit in Tampa Bay

Electronic construction permitting is changing the way municipalities throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are issuing permits and scheduling inspections. For builders, plan reviewers, inspectors, and municipal and state administrators, online permitting, electronic plan
review and virtual inspection requests are streamlining and expediting the construction process while helping municipalities ensure code enforcement and compliance.

If you are In Tampa Bay or in  Pinellas Feel free to call us, we can assure you the best permit processing experience.