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Suncoast Permit expediting services offer complete building permit expeditor, Florida construction permits, and entitlement services for architects, wireless, restaurateurs, retailers, developers, and owners throughout the State of Florida, including Pasco and the Tampa Bay area.

We reside in Florida and offer local entitlement, zoning, land use, planning, and permit expeditor services throughout the State of Florida.

We get Florida construction permits faster by simplifying the difficult and complicated building permit process. Our experts are local to your area, so we know the people and procedures that get your projects approved.

Our expert team of project managers can handle all of the submittals and paperwork while coordinating between city, county, and local government bodies. We have a clear understanding of the building code, permit fees, and project requirements specific to each jurisdiction, which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved.

Looking for a Florida permit expediter service? Suncoast Permits has been providing permit expediting services throughout the United States for commercial, industrial, institutional, religious construction, and other various commercial projects since 2006.

For more information about permit expediter services in Florida and nationwide rollouts, please contact us to receive a free quote today, or contact our sales office for more information and availability.

Does your organization wish to outsource its permit process and management? Suncoast Permits offers permit outsourcing and permit coordinator services for large volume clients. Please contact our sales team directly for more information. Should you require administrative assistance or questions, please contact our administrative department today!

Below is a list of cities where our permit expediter services may be available. If you do not see the location of your project, please contact us to ensure permit expeditor services are available in your area.

The Advantages of Hiring Permit Expediters for Florida construction permits

Permit expediting service providers are valuable to any construction or renovation project as they save you a lot of time and the stress involved with getting permits. Since they are adept with the process and know the people who give the permits, they help make your project proceed faster and smoother. That being said, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by availing of this service:

  1. Specialized Local Knowledge

Permit expediting companies to take the time to comprehend all the local building codes and laws so that they can be properly adept with the permit-giving process. This implies that they can get in touch with the right parties, advise you properly, and get approval as fast as possible.

  1. Help Ascertain You Follow Laws & Ordinances

Since permit expediting companies know the local building laws inside and out, they know aspects that can be challenged, but you may not have foreseen and prepared for. It is important to always make sure your construction project stays within legal limits. A Permit expediting firm takes this responsibility and will even ascertain code compliance for unique and new designs.

  1. Shorter Waiting Period

As mentioned earlier, permit expediters to hasten the permitting process, meaning you’ll get the papers within the shortest turnaround time possible. This allows you to embark on the project sooner than if you had taken the task on your own. If you are starting a new business, this could mean starting to make money sooner.

  1. Sidestep Legal Issues

Given the sophisticated nature of building permits, even a well-intentioned person can easily get into legal mishaps, especially if you do not know the legal requirements of a specific region. When you use a permit expediting company, you can ensure full compliance and legal safety. With these professionals by your side, you also avoid the costly penalties and fines.

  1. Research Is Done on Your Behalf

For any complex project, there’s a lot of research needed in regards to licensing, legal implications, as well as permits. A permit expediting service handles all these aspects on your behalf as they are well adept in the industry. This again translates to more time saved.

  1. They Monitor Changes & Reviews

One of the biggest roadblocks in the permit application is where there are design revisions. Fortunately, a permit expediting company can quickly tell the logistics entailed in reviews, make the necessary changes, and resubmit the forms as expected. This, again, ascertains the timely completion of your project, especially when on a budget.

  1. They Can Get Things Notarized

Some local authorities may need to ask for the notarization of your documents before you are granted any building permits. Permit expediters can consolidate this and make sure the documents are notarized and permits signed in order to hasten the process.