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If you’re an architect or engineer on a timeline who urgently needs the building permits Tampa requires to finally start construction, we have a smoother way to navigate the application process. When your application is under this level of scrutiny, you need permitting experts on your side to prevent your project from any missteps that get your project set back any further.

With decades of experience processing building permits, Suncoast Permits takes the headache out of permitting by providing nationwide permitting expertise that ensures project information is submitted efficiently and accurately. Don’t put your project on hold by spending any more time trying to figure out issues that are bound to arise, and let a permit expert get it right the first time.

Get a head start on your next construction project whether it’s a retail, office, restaurant renovations, or new warehouse and cell tower builds, by working with Suncoast Permits to navigate all the building permits Tampa requires. For permitting done right, reach out to the Tampa commercial building permit experts to save the time you need.


  • Type of submittal method: Online, take the first step to begin permitting with the Tampa Bay Permits and Licenses application system.
  • Digital or wet stamps: Digital (no special third-party verified stamps needed). If you decide to stamp electronically, be sure to not lock the document after signing.
  • Timing for standard plan review: 30 For Initial Review
  • Options for expedited review: Self-Certification is available for patient care areas with the exception of hospice inpatient facilities and long-term care facilities. Interior-only scopes. The fee is to be determined. For low-risk services, you can expect a review in under 14 days.
  • Contractor license requirement: General Contractor and all subcontractor contact, license, and insurance information is required as well as ​​complete contractor affidavits.
  • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid? Yes
  • Additional filings required: None


Building permits Tampa requires – Online Permitting Process

Tampa Bay’s online permit application system is listed as the Inspectional Services Portal. Even when you submit an application online, you will need to visit in person to complete the process. A long-form permit will be completed for new construction projects, for work greater than 1,000 square feet, or to make major updates to a building. In this case, your application will also be viewed by the Zoning Board of Appeal. You have the option to create a new permit or make changes to an existing one. Included is an overview of the online commercial project permitting process.

Applying through the Portal

Begin your permit application on the Inspectional Services Portal. Be sure to include crucial documentation including a copy of the agreement between the business owner and contractor, and proof of worker’s compensation. Review your application to make sure you’ve included a description of the work you are doing, the address, a site plan, floor plan, a certified plot showing property lines, and a signature from a licensed contractor. In addition, you will need a PDF set of all applicable calculations, and specifications, and NFPA 241 PLAN, a site cleanliness application, and Architect and Engineer Affidavits.

Submit your building plans and approval from outside City Agencies as a merged PDF file via the “ePlans” attachment field. An initial administrative review in ePlans will ensure the submittal is accurate and completed. You will then be required to visit in person for building and zoning reviews. Expect to receive precise feedback on Tampa Bay zoning laws, and find out if you will need approval from any other department. Additional departments may include the Park’s Department if you are within 100 feet of a park, the Environmental Department, Landmarks Commission, or the Tampa Bay Redevelopment Authority.

Permit Approval Process

Take time to submit any plan corrections and another round of review if deemed necessary. If requested for more information, be sure to only submit the revised drawings. After a final review, your plans will be marked as approved. Receive your building permit certificate, and download your approved drawings. Remember to post the approved building permit certificate at the job site before construction begins to stay in compliance with inspections at all times.

Simplify the Building Permits Tampa Requires Today

We’re your commercial construction permit expediter in Tampa Bay who knows how to navigate the building permits Tampa requires to turn a complicated process into a streamlined transition. From commercial projects in retail, banking, telecom, industrial, and more, Suncoast Permits has the in-depth industry experience to efficiently expedite commercial signage permits, new building permits, and renovations.  

Along with a specialized permit expert dedicated to your project, you will receive exclusive access to our national network of resources. This means there is less in your way between applying and approval. Save yourself the time of managing all of the paperwork, and focus on the next steps you need to take to make your construction project a success.

With direct access to our permit expediting professionals, you’ll have a partner to walk you through everything from planning to submission, review, and approval. We know the permitting requirements across jurisdictions and will help you reach your next milestone, no matter the project. We’re always up for a challenge and will make sure any hiccups along the way are fully resolved. Our reps handle all in-person filings so you don’t have to!

Let us help you navigate inter-department communication, and corrections to get your project one step closer to the finish line.