Knocking down one or more houses to put up a building is not a new practice, but keep in mind that the rules have been adjusted in the same way that cities have evolved, so you will need a demolition permit for buildings or any structure type.

Demolishing a building is only allowed if it is in a state of ruin, or if a new building is going to replace it. The documents and necessary permits to carry out the demolition of a building.

For any demolition company, as long as the appropriate means and machinery are available, the demolition of any building will be easy and simple to execute. But it is not a question of arriving and tearing down the building, without considering the state of the structure.

We are experts in building permits and can help you get a demolition permit in Florida, here is how:

What is a Demolition process and what are the types of Demolition?

Demolition is complex because it involves several steps, techniques, and, most importantly, good practices, which ensure that it is, both, effective and safe for the workers and those around them.

  • Traditional demolitions

It works with specialized labor, using traditional techniques, in order to preserve walls, party walls, and structures; in this case, the workers do not use heavy machinery.

  • Mechanical demolitions

The workers must use heavy machinery to create the demolition process: loader and excavator shovel on caterpillars, material removal with a dump truck. These must be used to for large-scale demolitions, and in places of high risk where the workers or people around cannot be present. Only high qualified workers can operate these machines under safety and hygiene standards.

  • Demolitions with explosives

Using explosive charges strategically positioned inside a construction (building or structure) with the aim of bringing down that construction in a predetermined direction; is controlled detonation. This demolition method is especially recommended for high-rise buildings.

What are the risks of a demolition?

You must be aware of the most relevant risks that may arise during the development of the activities in this phase of work.

  • Crashes
  • Fall from heights
  • Falling objects
  • Blows, cuts with tools, materials, or other objects

To diminish these risks it is necessary to apply preventive measures, which include:

  • A previous study of the property
  • Placement of service scaffolding
  • Safety belts
  • Fencing around the area
  • Placement of tarpaulins
  • Individual protection equipment for all the workers in the place

What Permits Do I Need for a Demolition?

The demolition permit is a license that authorizes the process of demolishing a home or building. This type of license is essential for the demolition process to start. The first thing to do is hire a competent technician and demolition team to supervise the project.

Besides an explanation report, the project must include:

  • A specification outlining the entire demolition procedure
  • A map of the place
  • A safety and health study explaining why the demolition will not endanger people or nearby buildings
  • Describe how the waste will be collected and managed in a waste management study.

It is necessary that the demolition permit is requested from the authorities or organizations responsible for the community where the demolition will take place.

We are experts in demolition permits; we can help you throughout this process. Having a professional can be very helpful in keeping the main requirements up to date.

What if I started the demolition without the permit?

If you have started a demolition without the corresponding authorization, means you are operating illegally, you broke the law.

However, if the initial project does not meet the requirements of municipal and regional regulations, the demolition cannot be carried out. Remember, our team will have no problem advising you and helping you with your building permits.

Request advice on your Demolition-Work Permit

Thanks to our experience obtaining building permits for projects of all kinds, we know how important it is for you to achieve a quick, safe, and legally compliant demolition. We can help you with all the requirements you need for any job of this nature.