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You want to give the exterior of your home a complete makeover by creating a dream garden, but of course, doing so requires not only a budget, but the help of specialized technicians and probably building permit to do it legally.

Some companies will apply for building permit for you, if necessary, it is best to hire Suncoast, experts in building permits. This is more likely if you are buying a substantial structure and the company will also install it in your garden.

What you need to know about renovating your garden

When it comes to decoration and renovations, there is no written rule on how to do things. There are multiple factors that you must take into account before starting: the budget you have, the space of your garden or terrace, your tastes, your needs.

The gardens grow and after a while you start to suffer the mistakes and problems derived from the lack of planning: the tree that we planted too close to the facade and that has grown into the living room, the swimming pool that is in the shade, that lawn that is so big that it costs half a kidney to maintain… these are some reasons why cities require for building permits, because these kind of reforms influence the space.

What does a complete renovation of our garden involve?

We may want to use our garden differently for various reasons, such as when we buy the house, want to give it a new purpose, or simply because it has deteriorated substantially.

We must keep in mind that gardens and their components, such as swimming pools, irrigation systems, fountains and ponds, landscaped areas, etc., are constantly exposed to the elements and deteriorate over time.

Despite all this, it is always difficult for us to undertake the integral reform of our garden, and it is due to the fact that to carry out the same one involves much more than modifying its appearance or aspect. The project includes, among other things, defining a new design, planning of functionalities and efficient space management, as well as the elements that conform and integrate it, irrigation systems, lighting, drainage elements, etc.

Ideas to improve your garden

  • Keep it green

You could cover part of the decking with natural or artificial grass or create/add small planters in specific spots that decorate the outside of your home; a natural look is always nice.

  • Creativity instead of homogeneity

It is good to create different corners in your patio. For this use different materials, either wood, stones instead of soil, bark or cement, a path in stones or wood, very Japanese style are a nice trend.

  • Water must be present

You can create a cozy space for the pool if you have. You could also create an artificial pond or waterfall which will certainly add to the ambiance.


  • Distribute the spaces

You should avoid leaving empty spaces as they will imply neglect and abandonment.

Don’t overload the environment as this will have the opposite effect. Whenever you have to make a change during the process, do it without hesitation and look for balance in the project you are considering.

Creating a garden can be a great way to relax

As part of a renovation, it is also important to save those elements that are worth saving, since this will allow us to afford the costs more easily and maintain the spirit of the space. The renovation of a garden does not have to mean getting rid of everything; furniture, decorative elements and details can be recovered to be integrated into the new design.

The key is a good analysis of the state before the renovation and a landscaping project that allows us to propose reasonable, practical and durable design solutions. The aim is to create a garden that will be fully integrated and that we will be able to enjoy all year long. The good news is that you can reform a garden or terrace so that it looks like this, if you have one!

Finally, if you want to make this or any other type of reforms in your home, do not hesitate to contact us to process your building permits and you can do the work without problems.