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Discover how you can expedite the building permit process.

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Expediting Simplified

We specialize in expediting the building permit process. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting precious time and money waiting for permits. Whether your project is in the planning stage or already submitted for approval - we can help. Our permit expeditors are experts when it comes to state and local building codes, as well as the requirements for each municipality. The Suncoast Permit expeditors frequent all building departments, and know how to operate and who to speak with to avoid wasted steps and confusion caused by misinformation.

Full Service Permit Expeditors

Hate waiting in long lines? Our expediting services eliminate headaches – we provide a full service building permit service including but not limited to:

Accurate application completion
Permit submittal
Permit tracking
Status updates
Approved permit pick-up and delivery
Help schedule inspections and obtain your Certificate of Occupancy
Save Time

Our proven system for expediting permits will ensure that you never have to set foot in the building department again.

When there is a change in the status of your buidling permit you will be notified immediately via email, thus eliminating losing time waiting for comments from the building department.

The goal of offering our expediting service is to reduce the permitting and inspection time, which in turn will save you time and money.

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