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Electronic Permitting

How are our automated tools beneficial to electronic permitting.

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Changing the Way of Doing Business

According to a 2002 publication by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development titled Electronic Permitting Systems and How to Implement Them, “Electronic construction permitting is changing the way communities across the nation do business, speeding the building permit process for the people most involved – builders, inspectors, and plan reviewers…”

Despite the misleading claims that electronic permitting is quicker, easier, and more transparent, the reality is that the systems are bogged down by increased traffic causing slow upload speed and lags. Review times have not improved, and it’s nearly impossible to get in contact with the right people.

Powered by VRA, our exclusive access to automated review tools provide our clients with an electronic permitting upper hand at the time of permit submittal which alleviates review delays and translates to less wasted time all-around.

Years of Experience Matters

We realized several years ago that the industry was moving in the direction of electronic permitting and have worked diligently to embrace and comprehensively understand the different software and systems. Our years of experience encompass Software like Accela, ProjectDox, eTrakit, EPLAN, and more.

As leaders in the industry, Suncoast Permits has developed our very own paperless submittal process to conveniently obtain the necessary documents so that our clients can altogether avoid the municipality’s online portal. Our hard-earned expertise and our perfected process coupled with the automated tools at our disposal means that we can provide our clients with an unmatched permit service experience.

Let us handle the hassle and deal with the difficulties for you.

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