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Permit Expediting Service Frequently Asked Questions

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Building & Construction Permits FAQs

Here are some answers to common questions you may have during the permit application process and how we at Suncoast Permits can make it faster and more efficient.  

What is the process for expediting a permit?

Getting a permit can be a lengthy process, depending on your project. The general steps of obtaining a permit include permit research, creating project plans, submitting your plans for approval, and making any needed corrections. Then, you receive your permit and can get your project started. Remember to schedule all mandatory inspections throughout the job.

Permit review times vary based on the municipality and the type of permit. However, regardless of the permit type and municipality, Suncoast Permits will expedite your paperwork and ensure you obtain your approved permit promptly.

Can I apply for permits online, or do I need to visit your office?

We have a digital system for all areas that accommodate digital permit submissions.

If your area does not accommodate digital permit submissions, contact the Suncoast Team to find an alternative submission method for your permit application. 

How much will my permit cost?

Permit fees vary from place to place and depend on the size and type of project. Typically, your permit includes review, issuance, utility, and impact fees. Once we consult with you about your project’s permit type and location, a team member can provide a more accurate estimated cost of your permit.

What documents do I need to apply for a permit?

Most municipalities generally ask for the same information and documents, including building plans, site plans, and energy calculations. However, one county may require truss engineering and layout, while another may not. There are county-to-county variations in required documents, so please contact the Suncoast Team if you need further assistance/clarification with permit documents.

Do not be overwhelmed! At Suncoast Permits, our team helps you determine what you specifically need at submission.

What are the consequences of starting construction without a permit?

Starting work or construction without obtaining the appropriate permit is a costly and avoidable mistake, resulting in fines, red tape, and headaches. That’s why it’s essential to perform research at the beginning of the project and work with an experienced permit expediter like us; you’ll save time and money while reducing stress levels.

What jobs or projects require a permit?

Different projects, such as new construction, renovations, additions, or changes in land use, may require different building permits in Florida. Even then, permits vary across the state, as each county and city has its own regulations and building codes. 

If you need help determining what types of permits your project requires, Suncoast Permits can help. With over 20+ years of experience, we know what specific counties and cities require for different projects. 

What types of permits do I need for construction projects?

You may need a zoning or building permit depending on your construction project. Zoning permits enforce the regulations of the local zoning code while building permits enforce construction standards. For most projects, you only need one permit if the proposed land use for the property aligns with existing local zoning laws.

Zoning laws establish standard parameters for residential construction projects, maintaining the neighborhood’s integrity by covering issues such as the placement of manufactured homes and the construction of multi-family dwellings.

With commercial projects, the municipality’s guidelines govern various aspects of commercial zoning laws, including what types of businesses can be near each other, parking availability, and maximum building height. 

Suncoast Permits will consult with you on your scope of work to help you determine which permits your project requires and whether zoning approval is needed. Then, we will work with you to guarantee that your application meets all submission requirements. We are in the business of helping you save time and money!

What happens if my permit application is denied or delayed?

Our close relationships with each municipality ensure your permit is promptly restored. If we need any information from you, we’ll let you know so we can keep the application process moving smoothly. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed about your application status at every phase, utilizing the municipality’s online portals for real-time updates. Suncoast Permits specializes in overcoming unforeseen hurdles during the review process.

What should I do if I have questions about the permit process that aren't covered here?

If you want more information about permits for your specific project, contact us online or call 1-888-926-3599 today.  

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