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Whether you just purchased your first fixer-upper or are developing large areas, you likely have a vision of what you would like to do with your property get to know about Permitting by Suncoast Permits. The next step to making those dreams into reality is to obtain approval from your local zoning department. This step can feel like you have run into a wall of dollar signs and red tape. 

You wait in line only to receive a list of requirements that seems to be written in a foreign language; filled with terminology that immediately gives you anxiety. You are not alone! is a revolutionary service that comes alongside our customers in the permit process by offering a FAST and affordable option for their project.

1. We DO NOT offer Stamped or Sealed Site Plans

Before ordering your site plan it is VERY important that you first find out if your city or county requires a plan that has in fact been stamped or sealed by an Engineer, Architect, or Surveyor and start Permitting by Suncoast Permits

What is the difference between stamped plans and your Site plan – Permitting by Suncoast Permits?

For many reasons, your county may determine that an unstamped or uncertified plan is not adequate and will need to have a professional architect, engineer survey or review the plan. Ultimately by stamping the plan, that professional will be providing evidence of their responsibility for those documents.

2. Every County has Different Permit Requirements

Did you know that what is required by your county, may not be required by a different one? This is why we stress the importance of communicating with your county zoning department and nailing down exactly what they will require to be shown on your site plan. Once you have obtained the correct requirement information from your specific county or city, we can help guide you to exactly the right type of site plan on our website.

  1. Permit Types

There are several different types of permits in construction. You might even need a combination of these. Structural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical are common types of permits required by zoning departments. 

What Type of Permitting by Suncoast Permits?

Our aerial view plans work in partnership with these other types of more detailed plans to build your permit application package and are great for these permits:

Demolition-Conditional Use-Construction-Sign permits-Residential-Commercial-Tree Removal-Swimming Pool Removal-Exterior Home Renovations-HOA 

  1. What is the Permit Process?

If you are planning to do the work yourself, the process of obtaining Permitting by Suncoast Permits for a building permit usually goes something like this: 

Contact your local building office and describe the project you want to do. If a permit is required, an application form will be provided to you that outlines the requirements for applying for a building permit. Some jobs may require multiple permits. A major remodeling project, for example, might require a carpentry/construction permit, an electrical permit, and a plumbing permit. 

Prepare the permit application, including whatever additional materials may be required. Construction projects may require drawings of the work you plan. This is where comes in. We provide a to-scale site plan that easily depicts the details the zoning department will need. 

Submit the building permit application and pay whatever fees are required. The licensing office will issue you an official permit certificate. 

As you begin work, post the building permit certificate as required. This may mean taping the permit to a door or window near where the work is being done. 

At the designated points during the work, call the inspection office to arrange for an inspector to visit the worksite and review the quality of the work. If the inspector orders any changes to the work, complete these changes and have the inspector return to review the work again. Many projects require two inspections a “rough-in” inspection at a prescribed point in the workflow, then a final inspection once the work is complete.

 The start to finish process of obtaining a building permit can be somewhat daunting at times. It is important to us to be the component in your project that is not complicated. To help us in our mission, the best thing our customers can do is to check in with their zoning departments to make sure the requirements for your plan are clear. Ask yourself these questions…

Does my plan require a stamp or seal?

Are my property and property features shown clearly via satellite imagery?

If utilities need to be shown, do I have the measurements and dimensions to provide

Have I used the plan comparison chart to make sure my site plan includes what I need?