Why do you need a building permit? A lot of people have this construction question. The Use of Building permits is necessary, and not getting one can cause problems down the road. Permits are required whenever homeowners alter or expand their current home. Some do not understand why building permits are essential, and this is why.  

Do I need a building permit?

Building permits are official written authorizations issued by governing building agencies that allow owners who have applied for a building permit to proceed with construction. The property owner will often have to furnish information about the proposed alterations or additions, the estimated cost of the work, plans to detail the proposed work, and compliance with all local building codes and zoning requirements on the application for a building permit. By understanding the use of building permits, the project has been verified to satisfy the needs of local and statewide building codes. These local and state codes protect public safety and welfare.

 The Use of  Building Permits: Why Is It Important?

It is much safer if any project has been started after a building permit is obtained. It can be hazardous to build without a permit. The city may require you to tear down a newly renovated space or not allow you to use it if they find out you created, added on, remodeled, or have made structural changes to your home. There is a chance that you could end up making repairs that are quite expensive just to ensure that your building is up to local and state codes to use the space, or you may have to completely tear it down. 

A building permit shows that there is an authorization from the city, and they are often used to ensure that the construction complies with zoning, construction, and building codes for safety. 

A Building Permit’s Purpose

A building permit is needed for specific projects as required for your area, especially if it will change the structure of a building. There is no reason for any construction projects should be done without a permit.

The safety of the community

The use of building permits is primarily intended to ensure safety. It is in your best interest to become familiar with safety standards before you begin any construction project so that you can avoid any possible accidents.

Your contractor should be honest.

If you hire a contractor and do not apply for a permit first, they may have a mind to cut corners when it comes to construction. A contractor who seems very cost-driven should keep this in mind in particular. Having a building permit will ensure that a contractor uses safe and standard methods.

Guide to DIY Projects

Permits aren’t always necessary, but some projects are simple enough that you can do them yourself. You may find that a permit can help guide you through the process if you perform a renovation for the first time.

Validates your insurance

Keep in mind that if a contractor does not have a permit, then their insurance may not cover any mistake or injury that happens on your property. However, a building permit will ensure that anyone working on your project knows that there may be risks involved and there is approval to build. 

A valuable tool when selling your home

A potential buyer will be able to see that you did your home renovations without a permit. When you’re selling your home, you should be able to show legal proof that you obtained the proper permits for all upgrades.

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