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What is the Fastest Building Permits Process? 

The first thing that you should do is to contact a permit expediter in your area that can pull the fastest building permits process. They will handle everything you need to do, such as paperwork, gathering documents, and more. They will often file these for you. 

Prepare your permit application and be as specific as possible about the work to be performed. Provide the required application fees and architectural plans for your project.

When your permit has been approved, please post it on your front door or in a window. Verify that you are covered by your homeowner’s or builder’s risk insurance, and ensure that you have documentation regarding your contractor’s license and insurance. You should request before any work is performed, a copy of your contractor’s Commercial General Liability insurance coverage, as well as its Workers Compensation coverage.

During your work progress, you will need to arrange for inspections on the phases of work completed and obtain approval for further work to proceed. The building department inspects a home’s foundation, framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, insulation, and possibly other things. If significant changes are being made to a building, then the city will need to be permitted for electricity, plumbing, and building. 

An individual who does construction himself may find it stressful to apply for a Building Permit. Permit expediters, on the other hand, take care of the obtaining of permits. We’ll make sure that you will achieve a wonderful experience in entrusting your construction with us.

Permits must be obtained from the building official having jurisdiction through the submission of certain information this is also part of the fastest building permits process. Depending on the code requirements, their inspectors may need to perform intermediate and final inspections to confirm compliance.

Any type of structural change, electrical or plumbing upgrades need to have a permit. A permit expediter can help by gathering and filing the forms for you. 

It Is Not Always Necessary To Get Permits

Many people believe that to get a permit, there needs to be a lot of inspections that will find every flaw in the building, but that is not true. 

Most repairs and improvements will require a permit. In many jurisdictions, the rules for obtaining a building permit and scheduling inspections vary widely, so the same project may not require a permit and inspection in another.

Generally, there are some instances where a permit is not needed, but any significant changes or repairs will need one. A permit expediter can do this for you to ensure the fastest building permits process.

For example, a deck or room addition requires a permit but replacing a broken light switch, or a leaky faucet does not. If you want to know more about permits, you can contact a permit expediter, and they can tell you all of the information you need, and they can even help you file for a permit. 

Contact Suncoast Permits for more information and all the help you need to get the fastest building permits process.