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You’re likely well aware that your project is going to require a permit or two during the process, but knowing when you’ll need permits can get tricky. This is especially true for those that already have projects built and need to perform renovations or demolitions. The technicalities of when and how can be a slippery slope if not executed properly, which is why seeking out permit services can be so crucial to your project’s success. So, when should you use permit services for your project?

Seek Solid Permit Services Past the Sea Shore

Try saying that five times fast. 

Anything lower than the mean-high water line the average point where the tide reaches each day will require multiple permits in order to work on. This essentially means that when you have a beach or shoreline, anything past where the water reaches high tide you’ll need a permit for, regardless of whether the project is over the water or in it. The permits you will need are from the Army Corps of Engineers ACOE, Florida Department of Environmental Protection FDEP, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), and your local municipality. If you have seawalls, anything past the vertical face of your seawall will need permit services, including the seawall itself. Anytime you are going to be conducting in-water work or over-water work, it’s safe to say you’ll be needing permit services.

Updating an Existing Project

Let’s say you’re going back to a dock you had built a few years back and want to replace the deck boards. Would you need to utilize permit services then? Yes! Even if you’re returning to an existing project to make upgrades or replacements, you will need to obtain an Army Corps Permit and a DEP Permit. It doesn’t matter if you got one when the project first underwent construction, all that matters is the here and now. You’ll need to get all the necessary permits once again, whether it’s something as complex as a whole dock replacement or as simple as pilings.

What if it’s Just a Demo Project?

You know the drill by now. Even if you are just demoing something over or in the water, you still need a permit. Demoing a project can be nearly as rigorous as constructing one, and you want to make sure a permit is in place before you begin the demolition. Doing so will give you the “okay” to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Need Permit Services For Your Project?

If there’s one thing to take away from all this, it’s that anything involved over or in the water will require a permit. This includes docks, boats, seawalls, piling, replacing something on an existing project, and just about everything else. Play it safe and get yourself the help of permit services from Suncoast Permits before doing any kind of project work, whether that’s building a new structure, improving an existing one, or even demoing one that is well past its prime