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Pasco County Permit Services

Residential Permit Services within Pasco County

Located on the west central coast of Florida, Pasco County is the 12th most populous, and the 17th fastest growing county in the state. In fact, Section 2 of the Pasco County Adopted Fiscal Year 2020 Budget suggests that there are several trends indicating the potential need for new services, specifically where commercial development is concerned. In addition to the increasing population, these trends include the decrease in proportion of residents over the age of 65 and the increase in proportion of school-age residents.

Single-family home permitting in Pasco County was up 21% from 2019 and, in terms of number of annual closings, three of the Tampa Bay region’s top 10 housing communities are in Pasco County. These communities are The Villages of Starkey Ranch, Epperson Ranch South (where the infamous lagoon resides in Wesley Chapel), and Bexley South; and Suncoast Permit’s residential clients permit and build in all three of these communities and many more within Pasco County. That is to say that our experience and knowledge of Paso County permitting is extensive and thorough.

Pasco County, FL Commercial Permit Expeditor

In 2019, Pasco County commercial permitting also also saw an increase with a reported total of 498 new commercial projects around the county. While commercial and residential intake requirements differ, Suncoast Permits stays informed on all relevant Pasco County permit requirements, code changes, and specifics. Our strong presence in Pasco County has solidified our relationships throughout the building department, and our proven results are a testament to those relationships and expertise.

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