Commercial construction project plan reviews for Miami building permits have a typically quick turnaround time, but not if submittals are incorrect or incomplete. Knowing what to submit, when, where, and how is a lot to keep track of when you’re focused on other pressing matters related to planning your project. That’s why we put this guide together to help you through the Miami Dade building permit application process.

As nationwide permit expediting experts, the team at Suncoast Permits can help you make sure submittals are correct the first time. Benefit from our extensive permitting knowledge with the Miami building permits summary and step-by-step process detailed below.


  • Type of submittal method: Online — start with iBuild and submit the application, then upload plans and supporting documents to ProjectDox
    • Digital or wet stamps: Digital (third-party verification required)
    • Naming convention: Drawings must be separated individually and file names should be all uppercase with no spaces. All pages must have a blank space in the upper-right corner for a batch stamp. Naming formula is Discipline-Document number; Example: A-01
  • Timing for standard plan review: 14 business days
  • Options for expedited review: Expedited review is only available for the Fire Review portion of submittal with additional fees
  • Contractor license requirement: Contractors must have a State license and be registered with Miami Dade County or provide a Certificate of Competency
    • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid?: Yes, but the applicant will be charged a dry-run fee prior to submitting for review and 80% of your fee will be applied to your final permit amount
  • Additional filings required: DERM is required; Miami Dade County Municipal Application must be completed and uploaded to ProjectDox with other submittal documents; NOC must be filed before the first inspection.


Suncoast Permits Helps Architects Acquire Miami Building Permits

Figuring out which approvals you need, which materials to collect and submit, who to reach out to with questions, and how to make plan corrections are all potential time-consuming obstacles to your project start date. When you partner with an established permit expediting company like Suncoast Permits, you’ll be able to achieve approvals stress-free.

Finding a local project manager, making connections with important plans examiners, and employing a permit runner in Miami isn’t worth the hassle. Suncoast Permits is a one-stop shop for every single step of the permitting process, from planning to submission, and navigating corrections to reaching final approval.

You’ll have direct access to one of our permit expediting professionals, who will handle all of the red tapes on your behalf. Add to that our national database of permitting requirements across jurisdictions, and you have the perfect recipe for acquiring permits with ease in any type of project — one site or multiple; new builds or tenant improvements.