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There are two essential purposes for residential permitting. The first is to ensure that the proposed development, be it a screened-in porch or major shopping center, meets community standards. Community standards are the standards by which the majority of Tampa Bay residents live. They include land use designations, densities, setbacks, and building standards. Obtaining a permit before building or constructing is an acknowledgment that your proposed building meets the city standards.

Steps to begin your residential permitting

Completing the Application

The first step in obtaining a residential permit is to complete the application at this very essential stage, you need Suncoast Permits expertise services to guide you through the application or do the application on your behalf. This application process is done at the local level, with the department that oversees new construction in your area. Suncoast permits knows where to start your permits application locally, we will give you a rundown of the application process.

Get Your Site Plans Ready before you begin your residential permitting 

Your home will need to have plans from an architect for construction. These plans are also needed to obtain the official building permits. By this point, you are hopefully working with an architect and a good contractor, we work hand in hand with them to get your documents to the right planning authorities.

Meeting for Your Plan Approval & Getting your Official Permit

This process can be quick if your plan is easily approved or could take quite some time depending on the specifics of your project and necessary corrections. You will need to meet with the proper officials to get the plans from your architect approved. Once you get the permit, you generally have to place it at the construction site and be ready to comply with inspections.

Inspections and Final Approval

Throughout the building process, you will have regular inspections to make sure the construction is up to code and that it is safe and legal. This process may seem cumbersome, but it’s actually a good thing – it helps you to rest assured that your contractor is doing things correctly. If something doesn’t get approval in an inspection, you may need to make adjustments to the project as you go. Once all of the inspections are complete, you will receive final approval on your building project.


While this isn’t an official step, you’ve just completed your new home construction and it is highly recommended!

Getting Help with your residential permitting process

As mentioned before, you don’t have to do this process by yourself if you choose to go with a local home builder. If you are in Tampa Bay or in Polk and want help building a house, contact us at Suncoast Permits today! We’re happy to help you out – from giving advice to managing the entire new permits process.