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We provide a wide variety of Florida permit expediting services with our exclusive revolutionary automated tools that are unrivaled by any other service.

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No one likes wasting precious time and money waiting for permits, which is why we’re here to help. 

Using our building permitting services in Florida means working with permit expediters who are experts in state and local building codes. We know how to operate and who to speak to so your permit goes to the right building departments.

How can we help with your project? Here are a few of the building permitting services in Florida that we offer to make your job easier.


Obtain the essential permits for home remodeling projects, ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations for a smooth and legally compliant renovation process.


Secure the necessary electrical permits to install, upgrade, or repair electrical systems safely, ensuring compliance with all local safety codes and regulations.


Get the required permits for mechanical work, including HVAC systems, and ensure all installations meet safety standards and building codes for legal compliance.


Secure plumbing permits for your projects to ensure all plumbing work is up to code, preventing issues and ensuring safe and reliable water and sewage systems in your property.


Streamline your demolition projects with our permit service, ensuring compliance with local regulations and safe removal of structures to make way for new developments.

Certificate of

Receive a Certificate of Occupancy to confirm that your building meets all safety codes and regulations. This will allow you to inhabit or use the newly constructed or renovated space legally.


Assist homeowners in obtaining the necessary permits for various home improvement projects, ensuring compliance with local regulations and smooth project execution.


Get the required permits for pool construction and modifications, ensuring your pool project complies with safety codes and local regulations for a hassle-free approval process.

Retaining Walls
& Fencing Permits

Secure permits for constructing retaining walls and fences, ensuring your structures meet local regulations and safety standards for durable and compliant installations.


Obtain sign permits for your business to ensure all signage meets local codes, enhancing visibility while complying with regulations to avoid fines and delays.


Facilitate the process of obtaining contractor licenses, ensuring you meet all legal requirements to operate your business legally and efficiently in the local area.

Water Meter

Assist with the setup of water meters for your property, ensuring proper installation and compliance with local utility regulations for accurate water usage measurement.


Utilize permit tracking services to monitor the status and progress of your permits, ensuring timely approvals and compliance with all regulations.

Permit Status

Receive timely updates on the status of your permits, keeping you informed and ensuring your project stays on schedule without unexpected interruptions or delays.


Conduct thorough zoning research to determine the regulations and restrictions for your property, helping you plan and execute projects effectively.

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