The process of obtaining Tampa permits commercial projects is incredibly comprehensive. As trusted permit expediters across the nation, Suncoast Permits created a complete permitting guide taking you through all of the steps. Explore the process below.


  • Type of submittal method: Online via eServices or in-person
  • Digital or wet stamps: Digital (no special third-party verified stamps needed)
  • Naming convention: No naming convention, but all documents must be uploaded as PDFs and under 100 MB. Larger files must be separated into multiple smaller files, then uploaded in order. Files must be uploaded individually, in order of how they are listed on your application checklist
  • Timing for standard plan review: 14 business days
  • Options for expedited review: Not available
  • Contractor license requirement: Must be licensed with the Florida Contractors Licensing board
  • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid?: Yes, but a licensed contractor must be named before permit issuance.
  • Additional filings required: None



There are six main steps to acquiring the City of Tampa permits commercial projects — pre-application, submittal, review and revisions, hearings, permitting, and inspections. See our summary of each step in the process below.


You’ll need to request a pre-application meeting on the City of Tampa website. Interior tenant improvement projects do not require pre-application and go straight to the submittal step. Other larger construction projects must complete this step before their initial permit application submittal.

The Pre-Application step does require an online application fee, which must be paid when you submit your request. Supporting documents will help to explain the nature of your project to reviewers, which help them give you the most accurate information about the permitting process necessary for your specific plans.

A Project Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a meeting usually within a week. The meeting usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes and includes a discussion of your project scope and what will be required for your request to be approved. This process will also help to determine which public outreach requirements, applicable to most projects in Scottsdale, are necessary for your project.

Initial Submittal

After your preliminary meeting, you’ll receive a keycode to use on the online portal from your Project Coordinator. The one-step online process will take you through the entire application and ask you to upload the necessary plans and documentation.

After you fill out all necessary information and upload documentation, just hit submit and wait to hear back. You’ll receive a letter telling you if your application has been accepted, and what is missing or incorrect if not.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be prompted by a letter to pay review fees. You’ll have to complete payment in order to kick off the substantive review process.

Substantive Review and Revisions

The first review will be the most comprehensive, and any comments from the review will address any changes that must occur before a hearing is scheduled. Using your case number and key code, you’ll be able to upload corrected documents and plans to the online portal.

Once all issues have been properly addressed, you’ll be contacted by your Project Coordinator to verify approval. At this time, you’ll also be notified of your hearing date if necessary.


If needed for your type of project, you’ll have to then attend a public hearing. The Project Coordinator will help you prepare and answer any questions you may have ahead of time. You’ll need to be prepared to answer questions from the Board or Commission.

Once approved by all necessary boards and committees, you’ll be able to move forward into the permitting step.


Receiving Your Tampa permits commercial projects


At this point, you’ll receive all necessary permits, including Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permits. Other permit types may include Demolition, Right-of-Way, Haul, Dust Control, and Oversize/Overweight Permits.

Your permit may be revoked if any information from the submittal process is found to be false. Many types of City of Tampa permits often expire after 180 days without the first inspection, or else an extension request must be submitted.


Inspections can be scheduled online using the keycode found on your permit receipt, or by phone. There are a number of required building inspections for commercial projects.

Right-of-way permits require an entirely different subset of civil inspections to ensure work is being completed according to plans. Both pre-site and final inspections are necessary for building and right-of-way permits.

After scheduling an inspection, you’ll need to contact your area inspector on the morning of your inspection for an estimated time. You’ll have to give them your site address or permit number to confirm. You should call the inspector between 6–6:30 am between April–October and 7–7:30 am between November–March.

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