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Are you looking for a Florida permit expediter service? Suncoast Permits has been providing permit expediting services throughout the state of Florida. commercial, industrial, institutional, religious construction and other various commercial projects since 2006. Below is a list of cities where our permit expediter services may be available. If you do not see the location of your project, please contact us to ensure permit expeditor services are available in your area.

Benefits Of Working With a Florida Permit Expediter

Whether you’re building luxury real estate or a commercial property, you are going to need to obtain the right building permits if you want to complete construction without issue. Once you start this process, it’s highly recommended that you obtain the services of a Florida permit expediter who can expedite the entire building permit process so that you can begin construction as quickly as possible.

To understand how beneficial it can be to your construction project if you hire a Florida permit expediter, keep in mind that building permits take around 2-4 weeks to approve but can take months to fully process. An experienced permit expediter should be able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a building permit to be processed and approved, which will allow you to get started on your project sooner. To shorten the wait time, a building expediter will review development plans, identify any mistakes, and make sure that your plans adhere to local building codes.


When you hire a permit expediter who is based out of Tampa Florida, they will have specialized local knowledge that can be highly beneficial when attempting to make sure that your development plans are up to code. This knowledge should include all local building codes. If the expediter you choose finds that your development plans fall short of local guidelines, you should be able to make adjustments early enough so that the project isn’t delayed for too long.

The local knowledge that expediters have allows them to understand who to contact and what advice they should give to make sure that development progresses accordingly. If you hire a permit expediter at the beginning of the development process, you should be able to save a significant amount of money and time by avoiding project delays.


Some of the specialized local knowledge that permit expediters have extends to local laws and ordinances. It’s important to understand that these laws can differ depending on the type of building you’re creating. For instance, Florida law dictates that requirements for constructing a townhouse are completely different than ones for building a shopping center.

These laws can also differ depending on the jurisdiction you’re in. Without a Florida permit expediter by your side, you could easily overlook a local law. If this occurs, the problem may not be identified until the property is inspected or you’ve progressed through most of the building permit process.


Likely the most important benefit of hiring a local permit expediter is that they can handle project management for you from beginning to end. By having someone else manage the project, you should be able to reduce your stress levels significantly. The permit expediter you hire should be able to speed up the timeline for the project while also allowing you to obtain quicker approval.

For more information about permit expediter services in Florida and nationwide rollouts, please contact us to receive a free quote today, or contact our sales office for more information and availability.

Does your organization wish to outsource its permit process and management? Suncoast Permits offers permit outsourcing and permit coordinator services for large-volume clients. Please contact our sales team directly for more information. Should you require administrative assistance or have questions, please contact our administrative department today!