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A Water Meter Permit allows an applicant to obtain a building permit and set a water meter or intensify water use on an existing connection. A Water Permit is also needed to set additional water meters or to change the size of an existing water meter. Normally, permits can be processed within a week if there are no deed restrictions required (deed restrictions take 1 to 3 days to prepare, review and record.)

If you are developing a new property, the building permit process requires you to obtain clearance from the Board of Water Supply (BWS) for a water meter. The following are some of the forms you will need for various types of development. The BWS also reviews all construction plans of private, City, State, and Federal projects that may influence and/or impact BWS facilities.

Domestic customers who currently pay on an unmeasured (unmetered) basis have the legal right at any time to give their water company a notice requiring them to fix charges by reference to the volume of water supplied (i.e. on a metered basis). Tenants also have a right to ask for a meter but it is recommended that they ask permission from their landlord first. If a tenancy agreement is for less than 6 months a tenant must ask permission from their landlord.

A water company is not obliged to install a meter in response to a customer’s request if it is not reasonably practicable to do so, or if it is unreasonably expensive.

Water Meter Permits | Installation Steps

  • Apply for the necessary building permits

Customers should first apply for necessary permits through the township building office within the Department of Community Development on the second floor of the municipal building. This will likely include, but is not limited to, a plumbing permit. Learn more about building permits.

  • Complete a water meter application

Bring a copy of your permit(s) and be prepared to provide all of the information requested on the application including your block and lot and permit numbers. After your application is complete, you will receive a meter spacer and meter couplings to be installed on your plumbing prior to your inspections and meter installation.

  • Complete plumbing work and have it inspected

To schedule an inspection contact Suncoast Permits. Learn more about building inspections.

  • Schedule your water meter installation.

You cannot schedule an appointment for your meter to be installed prior to having your plumbing work inspected and approved by the township. American Water will not install the meter if your plumbing does not pass inspection.

Ensure the installation area is prepared for installation prior to your appointment

On the day of your scheduled meter installation, please have the area where the meter is to be installed clear of any obstructions so as to allow the technician access to the area.

Upon arrival, the American Water field service representative will verify that your plumbing permit has been approved and will ask to see your approved sticker given to you by the plumbing inspector prior to the actual installation of your meter.

  • Schedule and pass final inspection

Following the meter installation, you will need to schedule a final inspection with the building office to have your permit officially closed and a Certificate of Approval issued by the Plumbing Subcode Official.